Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Politics of Death Quiz

A Nonpartisan Look at the Numbers

You’ve got Conservatives/Republicans using the number of victims under Saddam Hussein to justify the Iraq War. You’ve got Liberals/Democrats using the number of Iraqis who have died since the inception of the Iraq War to demonize it. You’ve got Liberals/Democrats using the number of soldiers K.I.A. in Iraq to try to show that they care more about the troops. You’ve got Conservatives/Republicans using the number of victims on 9/11/01 to show why we need to be tough on defense. You’ve got Conservatives/Republicans comparing the president of Iran to Hitler. You’ve got liberal wannabe heroes speaking out about Darfur. You’ve got them speaking out about AIDS in Africa.

The bigger the numbers—the better the statistics—the more effective the argument. Yet, in the distraction of all these debates and issues, the most astronomical numbers are largely ignored—and seemingly forgotten. And, if things do not change, it will be to America’s everlasting shame.

Take the “Politics of Death Quiz”:

Who killed (kills) more?
a.) Saddam Hussein
b.) Abortionists and pregnant women in a nine-month period

What has killed (kills) more?
a.) The War in Iraq [Iraqi citizens]
b.) Abortion in a one- to six-month period

Who has died (dies) more?
a.) American soldiers in Iraq
b.) Unborn babies in one day

When did (do) more die?
a.) American citizens—victims of terrorism—on 9/11/01
b.) Unborn babies each day on average.

Where have (do) more been (get) killed?
a.) Darfur
b.) Abortion clinics in America in half-a-year

What has caused more suffering (deaths)?
a.) AIDS
b.) Abortion in America

What was (is) more deadly?
a.) The Holocaust to Jews
b.) Five years of abortion to unborn children

As you might’ve guessed, the answer to each and every question is “b”, and the questionnaire could go on indefinitely with similar results.
An average of 1.3 million babies is aborted each year—just in America! That’s about four thousand per day!

This is the shame of America. The verdict over when life begins is virtually in. 4D Ultrasounds, “In the Womb” (National Geographic), a surviving baby born at 22 weeks, double homicide cases concerning pregnant women, ("Abortion Unfiltered"), simple logic (like the S.L.E.D. acronym), and tender consciences are some of the contributors showing that those denying the humanity of unborn babies are not only wrong and deceptive, but downright diabolical.

Some on the “pro-choice” side now rely more heavily on hypothetical-theoretical rape, incest, and fatal situations, as well as the erroneous and absurd woman’s “inalienable right to choose.” The aforementioned three scenarios are rare—especially the last one—and are entirely insufficient to continue to allow Abortion On-Demand.

Yet it is, as liberals celebrate in silent glee, conservatives occupy much of their time with other things, and Roe V. Wade’s anniversary inches closer to golden and farther from silver.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about Iraqis or Africans, for example. This is flesh of our flesh. We are not even talking about volunteer soldiers. This is innocence if there is any—as vulnerable as can be. How can this be? We’ve been “sung to sleep/ by philosophies / that save the trees and kill the children…” (“While You Were Sleeping,” By: Casting Crowns)

However, good things are still happening—the battle is still being fought. There are now more crisis pregnancy centers than abortion clinics in America. South Dakota almost passed a ban prohibiting all abortions except when the mother’s life is at stake. Almost a month ago, Senator Sam Brownback revived the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act, a bill that would require all women going in for an abortion after the 20th week to be informed of the pain her child would experience, and be given the option by a doctor to administer a drug to take the pain away from the child. (This, obviously, would likely reduce abortions. If the baby can feel pain…then it’s a baby. Right?) I'm not sure how his efforts are going. There are important issues going on right now concerning partial-birth abortion and tax-funding of Planned Parenthood (a.k.a., Legalized Infanticide). [Check out the American Center for Law and Justice to learn more and find out how to get involved.] is taking a “no more Mr. Nice Guy” approach to the issue. I encourage you to check it out, if you have a strong stomach and a box of tissues. There are virtually countless pro-life efforts, even though the media and big-name politicians seem to rarely mention the issue nowadays.

The fight must continue. God has been far more patient with America than we could ever ask, but He will not be mocked. Christians must stand-up, not just for the sake of our unborn children, but for the sake of our country and her future!

So, the next time you hear someone say that so many people died or were killed in one way or another for some reason or another, tell them to take the “Politics of Death Quiz.”


Moriah said...

It's very sad to see the statistics of how many unborn babies die in a day.
I remember a few months ago my church had a silent protest against abortions. Basically we stood along one of the busy streets by our church holding pro-life signs.
Good post, Kingdom Advancer!

Kingdom Advancer said...

Hey, Moriah! I haven't seen you around the blogs for a while.

I wanted to put this disclaimer out there for everybody who reads this: in case it seems this way to anybody, I'm not belittling sufferers of AIDS, Iraqi citizens, American soldiers, those suffering in Darfur, the victims of the Holocaust or 9/11. Quite the contrary, I'm saying that, being so concerned about those issues, shouldn't we be equally or moreso concerned about abortion?

Jonathan M said...

Great post KA...your insight is as keen as ever. I commend you on your research.

anonymous said...

Thank you for this, It sheds the topic in a new life. BTW on the site Abort73 just HOW graphic is it? I would like to check it out, but I'm a little sensitive...

Kingdom Advancer said...

Well, it shows pictures of what abortion does to babies--not to mention the emotionally arousing music. It shows pictures of babies not much bigger than the size of a quarter, essentially bathing in their own blood, some of them with some of their limbs not in tact. Some scenes zoom in on tiny hands and feet. Some scenes have a person prodding and turning the body with prongs. The video ends showing an almost--if not--fully developed baby--probably the victim of a partial-birth abortion--being wrapped up in a bag to be thrown away. It's graphic, but I think it's a good effort, and quite necessary. If you're sensitive, you might not want to check it out. But, if you don't think you are sensitive enough to the topic of abortion, you probably do need to see this stuff.

Austin said...

I know this is an old post, but I'll comment anyway. If you aren't reading this right now, you have permission not to read it (okay, bad joke, moving on...)

I'm glad you mentioned "double homicide cases concerning pregnant women". You suggest that this is an inconsistency of pro-choicers. I'm sad to point out that many pro-choicers are perfectly consistent in that area. I remember there being a homicide a few years ago that got a lot of news coverage - a husband murdered his prenant wife. I can't remember their names, which is silly because I should, and you would definitely know what I'm talking about because like I said, it got a lot of news coverage. The point is, a lot of pro-choicers were complaining that the murderer should only be convicted for one homicide because they knew that if he got a double homicide count, that would prove that the American judicial system regards an unborn baby as part of the "hom" (human) in "homicide" (human killing)! Thus, abortion would legally be considered murder. Now, in practice, this wouldn't really be the case. But it would have shocking consequences in the American psyche! The reason I brought this up is to point out that many pro-choicers do not suffer from the inconsistency you mentioned of supporting double homicide charges for murder of a pregnant woman - they actually agree that it should be single homicide!

Kingdom Advancer said...

I did read it! I think you are probably talking about the Petersen case.

Of course hard-core pro-choicers probably won't admit the humanity of an unborn life for anything. But, I think that society as a whole probably approves of the prosecutory method. And, in the society as whole, there is a discrepancy. It's basically saying that an unborn "fetus" being "wanted" or not determines whether it is a human life worthy of protection or not.