Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Battlefield

I wrote this today on a site called The host of the site is an atheist, and most of the viewers of the site are atheists. Almost all of the articles are anti-Christian, written sarcastically, cynically, and cockily, thinking each time that they've shown how much smarter they are than the smartest Christian.
The site is high-tech, at least in the sense that it seems very dedicated to warring against the Kingdom of God. It's connected to a ton of other atheistic, humanistic sites.
I'm posting my comment on my blog for two reasons:
1.) First of all, because the host of the site has "comment moderation." In other words, if he doesn't like what I said, which I'm sure he won't, he has the opportunity to keep it from being posted. Therefore, at least my readers get to read it here.
2.) Secondly, I think this is important for my readers to see. This is our battlefield. Discussing doctrines of hell and the like is great, and I'll conclude that series soon, but this is where our efforts should be centered. I strongly beseech my Christian readers, if they are mature in their faith, to go to this site, and other anti-God, anti-Christian sites and put up a defense of the faith. Now, there's something to be said for throwing pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6), and these people aren't exactly "asking for the hope that is within us" (1 Peter 3:15), but we must still give a defense of the faith in the hopes that some might be saved, and so those that still reject will have even less of an excuse than they already have.

This particular article said that the author had found a way to prove that "Jesus was imaginary." He used two passages in Scripture, slammed 'em together, and ignored all context to come up with this:
"Get together with another person, pray that Jesus will appear, and if He doesn't, then you know He's not real."
I encourage you to go to his blog to read the whole story and other people's comments before reading mine (so it will make sense), and I'd like to hear your comments, but I'm writing this on my blog since I doubt that you'll see my comment on his.

Those who say that Jesus might never have existed probably also say (or might as well say) that George Washington might never have existed. Those who say these things are the same ones who are ABSOLUTELY sure there are NO ABSOLUTES. In case you didn't know, Jesus' existence can be verified by more than the Bible.

The Bible says that it is impossible to please God without faith. (Hebrews 11:6) Why exactly would he appear to a bunch of agnostics who spend all their time trying to disprove His existence? Besides, God doesn't need to make any special appearances (Romans 1:20)to prove His existence. And also, Jesus pointed out that, if you need such a blatant sign, you still wouldn't believe if you got it. (Luke 16:31) Jesus was always skeptical of those who followed Him just because of His signs. (John 2:24-25) He rebuked Thomas for doubting: "Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed." (John 20:29)

The Bible also says that when you pray, you must pray without doubt, for those who have doubt are worthless. (James 1:6) If Christians have "the faith of a mustard seed,"(Matthew 17:20) and do not doubt, they can move mountains. I'd like to see someone move a heavy feather with such cynical prayers [as "BeepBeep" proposed].

It also says to "delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm 37:4) If you delighted yourself in the Lord, you'd see all of Jesus that you needed to. Christians are also to pray in imitation of Jesus, praying for the "will of God." (Luke 22:42)

The reason Jesus appeared immediately after His resurrection, is because He was establishing His resurrection with over 500 eye-witnesses!!! This would prove almost any case in court. If He had resurrected and disappeared without so much as a goodbye, you'd all be saying, "There were no eye-witnesses."

Also, Jesus must have resurrected, because of the sacrificial spirit that was adopted by so many of His followers. There was nothing to gain by promoting a scam, except: beheadings; crucifixions; being thrown into boiling wax; getting beaten with cats of nine-tails; imprisoned; mocked; stoned; burned; dis-owned; exiled; and persecuted in every way imaginable. There was nothing to selfishly gain. If it was a lie, it couldn't have been a "crutch," as some agnostics like to say. It would have offered no peace. In fact, it offered no chance for pride or self-exaltation. "I am crucified with Christ, and yet I live. Yet it is not I who live, but Christ who lives within me." (Galatians 2:20) Christians are to consider themselves "dead to sin." (Romans 6:11) Christians are under temptation to sin, (1 Corinthians 10:13) and certainly Christians realize that there are "pleasures of sin for a season." (Hebrews 11:25) Those are given up by the true Christian. And you think it's for an imaginary entity?

To say that Jesus never lived is ignorant and arrogantly defiant; to say that He wasn't resurrected is outlandish (perhaps you should read the "Case for Christ" or the "Case for the Resurrection"); and to say that this test proves your case is extremely overly-optimistic.

None of this is hateful. I want you to see the light, to no longer be "hearers but not doers." (James 1) The unsaved are blinded, but God can open their/your eyes. (2 Corinthians 4:4)

I realize this blog has comment moderation, so I understand that only the blog owner might get to read this. It's still worth it to me, nonetheless, to defend my Lord and to be a witness for Him, (1 Peter 3:15) that "some might be saved." (1 Corinthians 9:22)

~ Kingdom Advancer

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