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We must protect this flag, and the people and country it represents!!!
Two posts on politics in a row? Why not, especially since it's election time? Now, as I sort of implied in my last post, I don't want politics to be too spiritually polarizing. But, quite frankly, I think the divide between conservatives and liberals (and subsequently, Republicans and Democrats) is so stark that is has long ago become an issue of spirituality. Christian values versus non-Christian values, etc.. Therefore, I post this without qualms. By the way, I hope you voted. And if you haven't yet, I hope you have time to read this...and then vote.
First, as a precursor, I want to note that this post is actually a comment I made on another blog (sound familiar?). Go there by clicking here. Really, this is in reply to one anonymous, whose two quotes I will post first:
Ha. What's the President's plan? can he articulate it? I haven't heard him do anything other than bash Democrats....but its HIS war, what's HIS plan?
(several comments later)
How? how is he going to "finish the job" - when do we know its "finished" and again, i reiterate, "what is his plan?" Many members of Congress that authorized it are now calling for a change in policy and a change in leadership. So, what's the plan?
~ Anonymous
And now my turn:
Bush's plan, to put it simply: Protect America.
Democrats' plan: I can't really be sure.
Bush's plan: Use aggressive interrogation techniques on terrorist detainees in order to attain important information to protect Americans.
Democrats' plan: Go easy on detainees. As (I think) Bill O'Reilly says, "Democrats want to try to get information out of terrorists by giving them milk and cookies."
Bush's plan: Secure the border, by putting up a fence as well as other things.
Democrats' plan: [whistle of the wind]--perhaps amnesty and/or open borders?
Bush's plan: Surveil terrorist communications and monetary transactions.
Democrats' plan: Give terrorists and those in contact with them their "rights to privacy." Essentially, their rights to privately plot to slaughter Americans.
Bush's plan: Defeat worldwide terrorism on the terms, "If you're a terrorist--you're against us. If you harbor terrorists--you're against us."
Democrats' plan: Negotiate with terrorists. Try to appease them.
Bush's plan: Protect this country and defeat its enemies at all costs (no matter what others say).
Democrats' plan: Go through the U.N. at all costs (e.g., no matter how many resolutions are violated).
Bush's plan: Finish the job in Iraq. He realizes leaving the job unfinished would be disastrous. He also has said that the military constantly adapts. That's the plan. That's the good kind of "change" the American people should want.
Some Democrats' plan: Cut and run. (Big mistake)
Other Democrats' plan: Divide the country. (Also probably a big mistake.)
Almost all Democrats' vague plan: "CHANGE!" (Easy to say. Harder to do.)
I have to vent a little bit about that last line. Democrats criticize Bush for campaigning on "stay the course," but the Democrats could be criticized even more for their "the people want change" line. On a cold day, if cool water is the hottest you can get in the shower, do you turn the knob to ice cold for "the sake of change"? I don't think so. In the same way, although I don't see Republicans as "cool water," for those who do, I ask: why would that make you vote for Democrats [the "ice-cold" water]? If you don't like your leaky roof, why do you then decide to go out and sit in the mud and rain? That's how I see voting for Democrats for the sake of not liking how Republicans are handling Iraq.
Here's a jewel quote from an ordinary, Democrat voter (I'll leave out specific candidates names): "I really don't want to vote for [Republican candidate]. But I CAN'T vote for [Democratic candidate]--he's an idiot!"
Now, I'm not calling all Democrats idiots by association, but I do love that quote.
However, I want to remind everyone (although this may be too late, anyway) that not voting is NOT the answer. You should pick the lesser of two evils, so to speak, because if you abstain from voting, you essentially are choosing the GREATER of the two evils.
Also, I could go on about how Bush and conservatives protect Americans and the Democrats don't. For instance, Bush tries to protect the most innocent and vulnerable of humans--the unborn. Most democrats do not. Bush tries to protect the sanctity of a productive and culturally healthy institution--marriage. Many (perhaps most) Democrats don't. The list goes on into embryonic stem cell research, cloning, etc.,etc.
Clearly, someone who says Bush doesn't have a plan really means, "I don't like Bush and conservatives' and Republicans' plan."
~ Kingdom Advancer


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"Don't have much to say" means that I really don't have much to say. First, I didn't read all of your post (NO, it wasn't boring!)and,I don't really have an opinion on the matter. So I have nothing to say about it!
I like being called Jo. That's what most people call me.
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I think I'm somewhat of a "binge blogger." Sometimes I go a while without posting; sometimes I get in a routine of about once every three days or so; and sometimes I seem to post non-stop. That's because, when I get ideas in my head, I like to write them down (type them down/post them) so I won't forget in time.

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