Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kerry's Comments: Wrong, No Matter How You Twist Them

Yes, I disappeared off the face of the blogosphere for a week, and I apologize for that. I hope I haven't lost my readers. Anyways...I'm back.

If you pay any attention to politics or the news in general, then you've probably heard Senator John Kerry's comments many times over and the ensuing political and media clamor. Therefore, I find it unnecessary to repeat his comments here. However, this is a short post on the aforementioned topic. I've avoided politics to this point on my blog, but as an American after being a Christian, I think these types of topics are very relevant.

Notice that liberals are rambling on...and on...and on...about how Kerry's comments were just a botched joke about the President. They are willing to use various and far-out excuses to try to explain away his comments. But the bottom line: no matter WHAT Kerry meant, his intentions were either moronic or insulting--or both. And even if he didn't mean to insult the troops, he did.
1.) If he was insulting the President's education, he was being dishonest and/or ignorant.

2.) If he was insulting the President's intelligence, he was insulting 50+ million Americans who voted for him as their leader (Commander and Chief)--TWICE. And a lot of people still approve of him, despite what polls say.

3.) If he was insulting the President's education and intelligence, then the joke is on him, because he couldn't beat him for the presidency.

4.) If he was criticizing Bush's dedication--that he didn't "study up" or "do his homework" or whatever before going into Iraq--then he's essentially questioning Bush's patriotism--saying that Bush was too lazy or something to take his job seriously enough to do proper preparing. Sorry, John, but I don't think Bush's patriotism or dedication is in question.

5.) If he was insulting the preparation and execution of the war, he was insulting not only the President, but every high-ranking military personnel, advisor, counselor, etc., etc., all the way down to the troops on the ground.

6.) If he was criticizing Bush's decision to begin the war, then he was insulting the majority of congress--including himself (Remember: "I was actually for the war before I was against it"), who saw the same military intelligence the President saw and voted for the war.

7.) And lastly, if Kerry actually meant to criticize the troops--implying that our intelligent volunteer army is "stuck" in Iraq like soldiers were "stuck" in Vietnam, then he was actually insulting the troops and showed himself to be living way in the past.

Here's a few things to note:
a.) I find it interesting that the troops stand on hallowed ground, but our highest "troop"--the President of the United States--as well as his advising and brainstorming military leaders and advisors--seem to be considered fair game from the left. Where did the establishment and respect for rank go? Now, I have been known to be pretty hard on Former President Bill Clinton, but I think any intelligent, fair-minded person would admit that that's a totally different situation.

b.) Secondly, I think it would be astute to note that Kerry and liberals in general are at a disadvantage when trying to defend his comments. They have such a history of making debased comments about the military. Kerry himself has a history--both about Vietnam and Iraq. He accused our troops of "terrorizing women and children in their homes in the middle of the night" and said similar things about Vietnam. Other liberals have made many statements just like that.

c.)Thirdly, I've heard at least one liberal say, "Let's not forget that John Kerry is a war hero." But the term "hero" truly establishes itself as misused when calling Kerry a "war hero." President Bush didn't even serve in combat, yet I would consider him a "war hero" more than Kerry.

d.)And fourthly, the very fact of how long it took for Kerry to actually apologize (if he even has truly done that) really shows his true colors.

e.)Lastly, democrats are saying that republicans are trying to use Kerry's comments as a distraction--especially since Kerry isn't even up for re-election-- from the "real issues"--which were classified by one liberal analyst as including the "Foley and Hastert" situation. (Sure, the "real" issues.) I say: HELLO. This was the democrats' nominee for president!!! What he says is relevant--VERY relevant--when convincing people to vote conservative/republican rather than liberal/democratic.

~Kingdom Advancer

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