Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"One Night with the King" Out On DVD

In honor of the DVD release of One Night with the King, the major motion picture based on the story of Esther, I have decided to create a post linking to my review of the film, which I wrote October 23, 2006, right after having seen it the first time in theaters (I saw it twice). In the article, I talk about the Christian movie movement; I address some of the criticisms of the film; and I disclose some things viewers of the movie should be aware of, such as "interpretive liberties."

I highly recommend renting or even buying this film. Like a skunk calling itself a "perfume puppy," there is a lot of literal trash coming out of Hollywood calling itself "entertainment" and "art." One needs look no further than what the main and sole subject of this blog has been the past two weeks: the Dakota Fanning, Hounddog movie, which features a rape scene of 12-year-old Dakota's character, among other things. To learn more, simply view the recent archives of the blog. Stay tuned for more updates on the situation, which are almost certain to come in not too long.

However, even that movie--as wrong and deplorable as it is--doesn't appear to portray depravity in such an attractive, "fun," "exciting," and "harmless" way as countless Hollywood productions do.

Here, then, we find a movie in One Night with the King, as my article states, that is "Worthy of Our Hearts, Minds, and Money." Is this not something we should support, as part of our statement in the bigger entertainment industry picture? I realize, and point out in the article, that the movie has its flaws. However, I've come to the conclusion that those flaws are not nearly sufficient in making this a movie not worthy of our minds and money. I also recognize the qualms of portraying the Bible on the big screen, and filling in the gaps with man's imagination. But, the entertainment industry is becoming a more and more effective and popular medium to get the Word of God to unbelievers, and the gaps simply have to be filled to make the aforementioned medium usable. As long as you are not claiming that all of it is Scripture, or that it all holds the inerrancy of Scripture, I don't see too big of a problem.

Here is the link to the article:

Worthy of Our Hearts, Minds, and Money

~Kingdom Advancer


Moriah said...

I was able to see that movie in the theatres with my dad. I agree that it's not without it's flaws, but it is no the less a pretty good movie.

Llama Momma said...

While I agree that we need to support wholesome movies with our money, I was completely unimpressed with "One Night with the King." I love the book of Esther and have studied it extensively, so maybe I was expecting too much?

Not only did the movie take "liberties" with the text, they missed the point completely. They turned it into a cheesey love story.

Just my two cents!

SolaMeanie said...

Hi, K.A..

Let me add to the movie update by asking if you've heard the fuss over Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe? The 17-year-old is starring in a London stage production of Equus, which basically deals with a teenager's sexual fixation on horses. The young actor is in full frontal nudity. I can imagine the kids wanting to go see this vulgar play when the next Potter film comes out. Ironic, too, that it's at the Gielgud Theatre. Sir John Gielgud's homosexuality was open and notorious.

It's sad that young actors feel they have to jump in the cesspool to advance their careers.

BTW..I have now linked to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this movie? Did you read the book of Esther? This movie was nothing about God. It was a love story. A very nice one I will give you that, but as far as depicting the book of Esther it was WAY off base. The scenery and the costumes were beautiful. But as far as the story goes, it was a nice movie, a nice love story, but it was not at all about God. This was false advertising in that it is not based on the book of Esther because the key theme of Esther is left out. Cute move, nice love story, beautiful scenery and costumes and if that is what you are looking for rent it, but it, see it, but don't expect the Esther of the Old Testament. Go in with the expectation of a nice love story and you will be satisfied.

Kingdom Advancer said...

RE: Solameanie

Thanks. I'll link you soon.

No, I hadn't heard of Harry Potter's recent endeavors. Perhaps he feels he's grown out of that role? Well, he has, but that's beside the point.

I think there's a serious misconception, that has been fostered by Hollywood, that growing up is synonymous with selling skin and sex. Since when? These are the days we live in, I guess. Just because you are a teenage actor (or, in Dakota's case, about to be one) doesn't mean you should be running around wearing nothing or next-to-nothing and being sexually active. Quite the opposite! But it's art, right? Yeah, that doesn't fly with me.

By the way, I saw you were sick. Get well soon.

RE: Llama Momma

You are not the only person, Llama Momma, I've heard call it "cheesy," so that's definitely a legitimate opinion.

Kingdom Advancer said...

I'll try to reply to you soon, Anonymous. I don't have enough time to really think through both what you said and what I'll reply right now.

For now, though, thank you for posting your input.

Austin said...

I like the pic of the griffin. It's cool!

I don't know why Daniel Radcliffe decided to be in that movie. Crazy stuff. I still like Harry Potter though!!! It's not fair to judge a book series by the actions of an actor from a movie based on the books. Yet some people do.

Austin said...

I rented Dreamer with Dakota Fanning last week! Great movie! Much better than Hounddog, I'm sure.