Friday, January 19, 2007

Updates (Round 2) on "Wrong in So Many Ways"

Time for more updates.

First, and most importantly, is that I'm hearing conflicting reports about when the movie is coming out. Originally, I heard "next week at the Sundance Film Festival." Then, "this week at the Sundance Film Festival." Followed by "January 18th," and now, finally, "January 22." Let's hope the latter is true. That still leaves time to stop this film in its "hound dog" tracks. Here are the two places I saw the "January 22" report: Christian Worldview Network and The Detroit News. The Detroit News' article mentions a fact that I've known about, but have failed to mention: this is not the first film Dakota Fanning has acted in that most people wouldn't let a 12-year-old see. She's been in Hide and Seek, called a "slasher" film; War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, a sci-fi thriller/horror; and Man on Fire with Denzel Washington, an intense R-rated movie. What does this show? That it seems that her parents have been irresponsible in their pursuit of fame for their daughter before this incident, although the case could be well made that filming such stories is not nearly intense as watching them. But it also should be noted that even these roles don't seem to compare to that of Hounddog.

Secondly, I've seen a couple of interesting articles on this movie that were written a long time ago (August and September). Things have been known about this film for a while. Let's hope these "fired-up" efforts--like this one I've tried to start--are not too little, too late.

Dakota Fanning 'raped' in new film, dated August 7th, 2006, talks about the potential legal ramifications that the makers of this movie could face. It also talks about the writer-director's past, and more. Here are some of the most thought-provoking excerpts: make such a scene could be first-degree sexual exploitation of a child, a charge on the same level with armed robbery...

World Entertainment News Network said the movie was a shocker for Fanning's fans.

...the actress' agent, Joy Osbrink, told the New York Daily News, fans shouldn't worry.
"It's not just the rape scene – the whole story is challenging Dakota as an actress. And I've never been so proud of her in my life. I've seen the dailies, and in every scene she gets better and better."

Shouldn't worry, huh? Sounds just like an agent, and not a responsible adult looking after an impressionable child.

On Screen Pedophilia Destroying Our Young, posted September 11, 2006 and written by Ted Baehr, pretty much talks about what the title implies. It talks about "the downfall of Dakota"--jumping the gun, we can only pray, although she's definitely headed down that path. The powerful punchline to the article is this:

We need to pray for...Dakota so that [she] will be gripped by the Hand of God instead of the Jaws of Satan. [Her life needs] to be transformed by Jesus Christ so that [she] will not seek the rewards of men, but so that [she] will seek to win for the Lamb of God the rewards of His suffering.

The article also gives statistics of a poll that say that the majority of 12- to 17-year-olds "are offended by sexual material in movies and TV programs." I don't know if that's completely accurate, but the article is a good read anyway, trying to explain what's with the downfall of so many young stars.

That's all I have for now. Keep praying and raising awareness...

~Kingdom Advancer


frank said...

Just found your blog. A person of passion! Finally, a Christian who isn't afraid to stand. Good stuff my friend. I'll continue reading.


Palm boy said...

Hey, have you ever watched War of the Worlds? She was really good in that movie, entierly convincing as a terrified 9 year old.

Anyways, thanks for the updates.

Kingdom Advancer said...

Thanks, Frank.

Yeah, I did see War of the Worlds, and thought it was intense. And if I were Dakota's father or older brother, I probably wouldn't have let her see it, much less act in it, although, as I said, acting in a movie like that might be less intense then just watching it. However, a movie like that is a totally different situation than Hounddog.