Saturday, January 20, 2007

Updates (Round 3) on "Wrong in So Many Ways"

Although I thought I had covered all the bases, there are some jewels of points made by bloggers out there, and I wanted to share them with you.

First up: A person who listed his/herself simply as "Mad" commented with this profound point over at Revitalize Our Youth:

Don't they think about young girls who have been raped? How will this affect them? I don't think they understand what this will do to victims.

HCdl pointed this out in his article over at Faultline USA (Read article here) and in the same article at Wake Up America:

If Hollywood wants to make a movie demonizing child sexual abuse, that's fine. THIS AIN'T IT.

Third up: Also at Wake Up America, Debbie said this:

Remember, she has a younger sister, El Fanning I think is her name, just as talented. Is this what the little sister is going to see her bigger sister doing?

Fourth up: From right here at Kingdom Advancing, Austin commented with this:

Look at Lindsay Lohan. In The Parent Trap she was just a cute little kid. Now she's in rehab.

We should all note the astronomical difference between The Parent Trap and Hounddog.

Fifth up: Also right here at Kingdom Advancing, Solameanie made this astute inquiry:

...why is it that liberals always want to defend the indefensible?

Now, I'm not going to say that all liberals are defending this movie, but we know that some are.

Finally: I've been told twice that I shouldn't be "giving this movie free publicity," but rather should "just ignore it." These two comments are how I replied:

What you say is true, to a certain extent. But the fact is, the pedophiles are going to see this movie, whether I talk about it or not. Dakota Fanning was abused, and will have to live with this film, and the memories of making it, for the rest of her life, whether I talk about it or not. If this film goes by unscathed, more like it will be made, whether I talk about it or not. Some people are going to see it and "open doors" that shouldn't be opened, whether I talk about it or not. So, while I see your point, I think that the good of talking about it and trying to take action against it outweighs the bad. We have to stop films like these and protect the children abused in them, not just ignore them.

It's too late for that [not giving it publicity] now I guess, isn't it? In all seriousness though, I think you all are misled in your strategy. This movie is a violation of law: should we ignore that? This movie is child abuse, and possibly child porn: should we ignore that? This movie is fodder for pedophiles: should we ignore that? I do not think so. As Christians, we are to be preservatives in the culture--not escapists. Ignoring something, in this case, is neglect--neglect of a child, and neglect of our society as a whole. Also, you need to recognize a simple "risk-reward" ratio. If Christians remain quiet, the pedophiles will go see this movie, the makers will get off scotch-free, and Dakota Fanning will come up on the short end of the stick, as well as other child actors in the future, and our society as a whole--the entertainment industry in particular. If Christians do speak out, and pray, like I have been beseeching everyone to do, this movie could very well be blocked, depriving pedophiles of a film, punishing the makers of the movie, and protecting a young girl as much as can be done at this point. If Christians talk about this and pray, but it's not God's will to block the film from being first released, action could still be taken afterwards, and Dakota and her family will need our prayers nonetheless. And, even if all seems to fail, how many people, that I have alerted, do you think are going to see this movie, thereby giving it money? One? Maybe. Two? Probably not. I see your concern, because I considered it. But I was able to quickly dismiss it. I hope you will too, because I would love to have you praying about it.

Only one more for me to say right now: Keep praying...keep blogging...keep spreading the word.

~Kingdom Advancer


Austin said...

My dad said he heard that the movie doesn't actually have a rape scene, as in, they don't show it happening. Could that be true, or was a rape scene actually filmed? Maybe they decided not to show it because of complaints? Of course, either way it still affects Dakota if they filmed it in the first place.

Austin said...

Just so you know, I didn't mean to imply that The Parent Trap is what hurt Lindsay Lohan. It was a road she was taken down by stardom. Dakota Fanning started with family-friendly films, and so did Lindsay Lohan.

Let's see, there was The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Herbie... Those are all pretty decent (Mean Girls has adult content, but if children aren't in the room, it's still a great movie with a great message).

Jarret said...
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Kingdom Advancer said...

I don't think that can be true, unless something has happened VERY recently. Of course, if you listen to those trying to defend this movie, they're just covering their tracks--don't believe them. However, others defending it say that she's "wearing a body suit, it's filmed in the shadows," blah, blah, blah. So, the defense is conflicting, if some are indeed denying that there is a rape scene.

Don't forget that there is also a mutual masturbation scene that was supposedly filmed. Some have speculated that that will be cut out of the final version.

The point with Lindsay Lohan is this: even child-actors playing in good, family movies or shows often have problems later in life. What does that mean with this film?

Moriah said...

I agree with you, Kingdom Advancer concerning your comment in return to the 2 other comments. We can't ignore something like this. Like you said, it's child abuse, and that's against the law. I'll continue praying and spreading the word.
Thanks for linking my blog on your blog post.
Can I put your blogspot on my blog role?

Kingdom Advancer said...

Sure you can. I'll put you on mine as soon as I get to it.

I'm planning on doing a post listing all of the blogs who joined me in this effort. But...I'm not going to make any promises.

Moriah said...

Alright, thanks.
Sounds cool. I'll be praying.
In Christ,
Student of God :)