Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Intelligent Design and Omniscience Part Three

This was written in response to someone who wrote in defense of Beepbeep's point of view. Her comment was very long--but more importantly, very wordy, and said nothing of substance except swinging the same theory around in circles, over and over and over again. I replied with this:

So it's same to assume, then, that if I call my Congressman, I can say that I have at least two atheists willing to support teaching "Omniscient Design" in schools? No? That's what I thought. You all are playing with words. You can call God any of the following:
Omniscient Designer
Ultimately Smart Designer
Ingenious to the Maximum Designer
So Intellectual He Knows Everything Designer

Intelligent Designer--meaning that someone Who possesses knowledge--ALL knowledge in God's case--designed the universe, as opposed to someone or something who DOESN'T possess knowledge.

As you've ignored twice, I've been saying that this term is not in the Bible. You used my statement "it's implied" to say that it's basically in the Bible. That's not what I meant. What I meant was just that which I said above.

You refer to God "not having the capacity to acquire knowledge" as if He does not have the power. As if, if somehow new facts entered into existence, God, as omniscient, wouldn't have "the capacity" to learn them. That's not how God does not have the capacity of learning. He does not have the "capacity to learn" because He has no need to. That doesn't make him un-intelligent [or not omniscient]. That's like saying that a brain surgeon (and expert) is unintelligent because he has no need to study brain surgery books, because "he doesn't have the capacity to learn anything new."

I trust that most people are INTELLIGENT enough to see through your all's "word dancing."

~ Kingdom Advancer


beepbeepitsme said...

Ahhh. I recognize my fame. You know you have made it in the blog world when someone creates a blog in an attempt to contradict your own blog. :)

Kingdom Advancer said...

You know you have made it in the blog world when someone goes into your archives to read old posts only to make sarcastic comments on them.

My blog was not created to contradict yours. Since I spent much of my time for a period debating you, I simply copied my comments onto my ALREADY created blog.

By the way, just because someone takes the time to show the falsity of your falsehoods does not make you special.