Thursday, September 14, 2006

Witness to Our Enemies

This is a very unique poetic work, combining several different rhyme schemes and meters. It's point is that we (as Christians) should not allow our preferences, opinions, pre-judgments, dislikes, hatreds, ad infinitum, to keep us from witnessing and evangelizing to everyone.

Shall our own hate be the gate that bars the way to heaven?
Shall our own disdain preserve the stain of sin?
Shall our own dislikes remove the spikes from Jesus' hands and feet?
Shall our own despising feed the rising flames of hell?
Shall our own grudges be the judges of who deserves to hear?
Shall we who are healed, not reveal the cure?
Shall a price we're owed sacrifice a soul?
Shall a penny-debt invoke eternal death?

May it never be so!
May the pot not keep the kettle from the stove!
May one poor slave not keep another from escape!
May the planks remind before the specks we find!

Our transgressions are massive; our sins are great.
And by Jesus' words, we murder when we hate.
We must love all, and not hesitate,
To tell all the Good News and their ultimate fate.

Realize their wrongs against us are few,
When compared with the wrongs against God we all do.
Realize God sent His Son so that all might choose,
To be winners in Christ rather than to lose.

Remember this: our calling is from Above,
And the one who does not try to stop the bleeding,
Is guilty of spilling the blood.

--Kingdom Advancer
written: September 3rd, 2006

© Copyright 2006, Kingdom Advancing

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