Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Am Prepared to Die

This poem is part creed, part battle cry, and part comforting words on which to meditate.
I am prepared to die,
As if I am a soldier,
For the cause of Christ,
Gives me strength and makes me bolder.

I signed an Oath of Death and Life,
With His very own blood,
I promised ever to live and fight,
For what He’s doing and has done.

Now that I hoist His banner,
Life and death hold but small difference.
In both I hope to bring God honor,
By learning all His lessons.

It’s not a peacetime in this army,
Of which I willingly serve.
The devil has his evil minions,
Always “throwing curves.”

There is no fear, whatsoever,
Felt within these walls,
For we have victory forever,
On Jesus we may call.

Confidence runs high, because we have the General,
Who does the supernatural, and everything controls.

The foe does know his destiny,
Is in loss and not in winning.
But yet he fights the battle raging,
Hoping some soldier's fainting.

I am prepared to die,
As if I am a warrior,
For the reward that waits me nigh,
Is better than what's before it.
~ Kingdom Advancer
written August 4th, 2006
© Copyright 2006, Kingdom Advancing

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