Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fear of Failure/Rejection

This poem addresses the apparent hypocrisy and double-standard in many Christians, that they/we are willing to risk failure and rejection in many other areas of their/our lives (this poem especially illustrates sports), but they/we aren't willing to witness to others for "fear of rejection," "fear of failure," "fear of making a mistake," "fear of offending them."
Because I might not score, do I fail to take the shot?
Because I might have lost, should I not have fought?
Do I not put my glove out, ‘cause the ball might not get caught?
If there’s a chance I might mess up, should I not hold my spot?

Because it might be dropped, do I fail to make the pass?
‘Cause someone might be faster, do I not try to go fast?
Because I’m not a pro, do I not fish for bass?
Because I could get a problem wrong, do I not go to class?

Because the truth is harsh, do I still think ignorance bliss?
Do I decide not to swing the bat, for fear that I might miss?
Because my loved ones I might lose, do I their love resist?
Do I not punch in self-defense, ‘cause I might hurt my fist?

Certainly not, so why then,
From a fear of rejection,
Do I as a Christian,
Not tell the world about sin,
And how to be born again?

A chance it is agreed,
But it’s a chance I see,
As a risk that’s worthy,
For it is setting souls free!

It is a simple task,
And what the good Lord asks,
Is that we give something back,
By going to souls who lack
The power to turn their souls to white from black.
~ Kingdom Advancer
written: September 6th, 2006
© Copyright 2006, Kingdom Advancing

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