Saturday, September 30, 2006

Intelligent Design and Omniscience Part Two

This was just written, so you probably won't see it on for a while, since I have a feeling that he doesn't live in this time zone (that's not an insulting joke. I really do think that.). He doesn't want to let go of his argument (I'm seeing that as a trend), so I wrote a second-piece, enforcing the first. I saw some other Christians who I recognize also commenting on it. That's what I'm talking about!

You just don't get it, do you beepbeep?
God as an "Intelligent Designer" does not imply that God doesn't know everything, but that HE DOES KNOW THINGS. This is as opposed to your theory: MINDLESS evolution. The Intelligent Design movement demonstrates clearly the implausibility of random chance to create such a complex universe.

Intelligent design means that somebody was behind it--somebody knew what He was doing. Every INTELLIGENT human being admits that your 'god'--the theory of Evolution--is both inconceivable and improbable. (With the odds being about 1 in a million trillion, or worse.) Even Darwin, the virtual creator and father of Evolution, admitted this.

And, as I've already said, "intelligent designer" is not in the Bible, and it certainly doesn't come from the original Greek or Hebrew. Therefore, you have to take the definition FROM THE INTELLIGENT DESIGN MOVEMENT. Not "the first definition I found on"

"Could I suggest that the chaotic world we live in demonstrates clearly that nothing remotely intelligent or loving could have been involved in its crazy 'design'." --Daniel

You seem serious, and yet I want to laugh. If you are serious, I pity you. If you are capable of saying this with a clean conscience, then you must not have thought about it before you typed it. You say that an intelligent being couldn't have created such a crazy world. But what you don't realize is that it is not God's fault that mankind has turned its back on Him and messed up the whole universe. God is responsible, however, for designing things like the human eye. Maybe you should go to the library and read a book about the human eye--just for starters.

"Intelligence is not knowledge; intelligence is what we DO with knowledge." --Beepbeep

So, how about this? God holds all knowledge. He applied that knowledge to create the entire universe. All your knowledge and intelligence can't create ANYTHING in the format that God created it.

Beepbeep, Austin is right on track, in spite of what you think. Your "capacity to learn" argument implies that the more you learn, the less you have a capacity to learn, and therefore the less intelligent you are. By your partial definition, you could say that a newborn baby is "more intelligent" than any adult to ever have lived, because that baby has such a high "capacity to learn," from learning how to say "dadda" to how to split an atom.
In fact, however, today's usage of the word is almost synonymous with the possession of knowledge and a high mental ability. God, as an "intelligent designer," simply possesses all knowledge and has the highest of mental abilities.

Oh, by the way, "everything from nothing" is called EVOLUTION. Maybe you've heard of it. If you truly think yourself to believe in no God, the only other option is that everything came from nothing. And, uh, where did the elements before (causing) and after (resulting) from this supposed Big Bang come from?

~Kingdom Advancer

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