Sunday, September 17, 2006


This poem was written when I was feeling discouraged. I felt like I wasn't doing enough for God, like I wasn't using my talents and efforts enough toward His glory, like my life didn't have enough purpose and direction. But by the end of writing the poem, I'd already found strength, hope, and confidence again, with "my self, my all" bound to the Lord Jesus.

My life is like water, not a river, mind you, friend.
A waterfall with a beginning, but apparently no end.
It travels with no finish line, no direction it travels in.
It gives no purpose or protection, no certainty it lends.

Now think of this water as effort, time, and prayer.
A lot of things over the years, in which I put a lot of care.
Where the water splatters is a place I call here,
But, by God's will, when it collects, I will be going somewhere

But all this water, all this talent, all this knowledge on the ground,
Can't be wasted, disrespected, or stagnant, it'll be found.
So to the Lord Jesus, my self, my all is bound,
And with that in mind, I know my future, my purpose are sound.

~ Kingdom Advancer
written February 22th, 2006
© Copyright 2006, Kingdom Advancing

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Jonathan M said...

Great poem!! I'm a bit of a poet myself...thanks so much for stoping by my blog!