Saturday, September 16, 2006

Reasons I Believe

This poem was written out of the desire to quench my own doubts that occasionally surface like weeds, and to answer, in a concise and artistic way, how through experience one can be so sure of the infallibility of Scripture, the existence of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the divinity of Jesus Christ.
I've tasted and seen that the Lord is good.
I've read His Holy Word.
I've found no fault within its pages,
But only boundless worth.

I've read and memorized those lines--
Those words in any language,
Which remain letters Divine,
While no longer seem strange.

I've read and marveled endlessly,
At the many prophecies,
The future predicted so flawlessly,
For others, still a mystery.

I've read about my Savior,
In Testaments Old and New.
Symbolized in each endeavor,
And realized to be true.

I've seen His works in their perfection,
For no criticism I find grounds.
I've seen the good, the great, and better,
But wait for the trumpet's sounds.

I've felt the Spirit and the Ghost,
I can't deny the facts.
He comes and goes but stays with me.
And never is He lax.

I've talked to God the Father,
I do it every day.
You cannot make me to believe,
To no one I do pray.

I've seen His many miracles,
That He performs in grace.
The ordinary and supernatural,
For Him are commonplace.

We walk together on the sand,
Sometimes He carries me,
It cannot be explained to be,
That I'm only imagining.

I’ve come to know Him better now,
Through amazing grace and faith,
And those only serve to compound,
The evidential state.

Though His ways are hard to grasp,
And difficult to see,
You will never change my mind,
But hopefully, He will thee.

~ Kingdom Advancer
written August 4th, 2006
© Copyright 2006, Kingdom Advancing

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